About Me

Education: BSc in Astronomy & Physics at University of Toronto (2017-2021)
PhD in Astronomy at Tohoku University (東北大学) (2022-2027)

Research Interests: Galaxy Evolution and Formation, Machine Learning Techniques, Computational Astrophysics, Physics Informed Neural Networks, SED Fitting

Publications: Coming Soon!


Exploring The Link Between the Star Formation History and Morphology of Galaxies
Working ontraining a convolutional neural network (CNN) to classify galaxies in the MaNGA survey, while studying what features of thegalaxies the neural network is focusing on to make the classification using CAM methods. Click here to see talks given at the 2021 SDSS collaboration conference. Click here to see award winning poster.

Internal Kinematics of Galaxies in Relation to their Morphological Evolution
Investigated morphological changes in galaxies as they evolve in time, by studying their internal kinematics using the MaNGA survey. Click here for final paper.